Thursday, August 7, 2014

D2 Fall Course Tips from ADEA at NYUCD

Special thank you to Annie Quratul Malik and James Long-Giang Chau!

Go if there are bonus points!
Stay on track on your own.

Gen Path
  • Figure out the big picture: read the lecture objectives to give you a 'map.'
  • Do the study guide!  (very important)
  • Review immunology from time to time so that you don’t forget.
  • Youtube videos are great help in learning immunology.
  • Study old exams so you know where you stand. (not a night before)
  • You need to know this for clinic. Learn this now, and learn it well.
  • The recommended Endodontics textbook is very good.
  • Know Phemphigus, Phemphigoid lesions well. 
  • The recommended Radiology textbook is very good: there are study guides at the end of every chapter. Do them!
  • Don't blow off the anatomical landmarks. You will need them not just for the exam, but for clinic also.

  • Make tables, memorize culture media. Pay attention when Dr.Sexana says “important”, you will see it in exam.    

Other classes
  • You tend to be drained after exams in the largest credit-bearing classes, so a lot people blew exams for other classes off.
  • Study for these, too, because some have exams worth 100%.
Make use of the weekends and practice!!!

  • Play everything by-the-book in CR I. Tie your hair back, wear your PPE, and know what’s on the syllabus to be done each day (see above).
  • Practicing is super important in fall semester.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • On practicals, don’t fall into the trap of “I have a 2nd chance, so I'm going to just relax for the first attempt." Practice a lot for the attempt #1, and nail it - then you have no stress for the second attempt, and that means more studying and more relaxing.
  • READ THE LAB MANUAL. The quizzes ARE GRADED (they are not just an attendance grade). If you are serious about your grades, you need to lock down a good grade on the quizzes. They are very easy if you just READ THE LAB MANUAL.
  • Know that it's very hard to get an A on practicals, so this isn't where you want to spend your stress. Once you've run your work by faculty, you can ask Dr. Moghadam to critique your work, since he does 100% of the grading.
  • Is similar to GDS in D1.
  • Learn about treatment planning/progress notes.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Welcome Week Events at NYU Washington Square!

Welcome new students! Check out the NYU events below for the week following the College of Dentistry Orientation!